PTLights Inc.

PTLights Inc.

Picture #1 was photographed at 8:30 PM with our Compact Rechargeable Battery Portable Floodlight illuminating the playground. That photograph amazed quite a few police personnel at the OACP tradeshow. The light head is 12 V DC, 22 Watts and operates in the daylight spectrum. Weighs only 1.5 kg

Picture #2 shows the floodlight on the tripod stand. It is 48 mm folded down and extended is 148 mm.

Picture #3 shows the floodlight being used as a handheld unit. With the battery pack over the shoulder, the handheld unit is light. This reduces hand fatigue, yet produces very adequate illumination.

Picture #4 shows how compact when it is being stored. The water bottle was placed there for a size comparison. The aluminum case houses the light head and the batteries. The professional tripod is in nylon bag.

Picture #5 shows what other products we produce.


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PTLights Inc.
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