Pardon Services Canada

Pardon Services Canada

Four million Canadians have criminal records that negatively affect their ability to gain employment, volunteer in their communities and travel across International borders. 

Pardon Services Canada is viewed as the leader in serving Canada with Criminal Record Suspensions and Canadian and USA Waivers. With over 26 years of experience we have been an advocate for citizens who have had difficulties securing employment, volunteering in their communities and crossing International borders.

Police Services have enhanced community safety and organizational effectiveness through Crime Prevention, Community Policing Programs and strategic partnerships with the private sector. The Community Based Policing initiative has a proven history of reducing recidivism and building safer communities.

Pardon Services Canada has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ along with a strong working relationship with Police Services, Court Administration Offices and the Parole Board. We are pleased to be B2B partners with the OACP in supporting citizens through the final stage of rehabilitation within our Criminal Justice System.



Charles Mercier, Vice President
Pardon Services Canada
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