Outdoor Outifts

Outdoor Outifts

Outdoor Outfits has been manufacturing uniform outerwear and clothing since 1945. Garments are designed and custom tailored to meet the individual and high-performance needs of first responders through our extensive line of protective outerwear for public safety includes; 

Duty jacket and parkas, trousers (dress, cargo and all-weather), leather jackets, hi-vis traffic vests, rainwear and tactical operations clothing for special-response-units including Jackets/Shirts & Trousers. We also make special lines for bicycle and mounted units. Now we offer shirts, ties and sweaters to complement our other products.

We meet many standards and are certified for Hi-Visibility (CSA-Z96 and ANSI-107/207), viral protection (NFPA1999), NFPA1975, NFPA1977, quality assurance (IS09001).

Seventy years of experience goes into the design, construction and tailoring of each garment to guarantee optimum fit, comfort and appearance. The finest materials are selected to ensure unsurpassed performance, value and durability. We customize any garment to your requirements, simple to the complex.



Outdoor Outfits
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