Duckbill Enterprises Inc.

Duckbill Enterprises Inc.

Duckbill Law is the premium manufacturer of stable, comfortable and high performance ergonomic duty belt and gear modules for law enforcement officers and agencies. This patented system improves musculoskeletal health, inhibits belt-inflicted back pain and reduces chronic fatigue. It also improves the tactical leverage of muscle memory with the exclusive clamshell docking technology that stops modules from moving on the patrol belt.The Duckbill Ergonomic Duty Belt offers not only an immediate impact to the health and welfare to police officers, but will also have a positive impact on the budgets of agencies by reducing time away from work with musculoskeletal problems. Having long term police officers on the road is a goal that benefits the agency and the community. The modern Duty Belt must be a stable and comfortable platform for the police officer’s Force Continuum.


Duckbill Enterprises Inc.

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